Welcome to Asian Import
wholesale and retail import from the Himalayan region

- Tibetan singing bowls a very wide choice
- Huge choice Gemstones, crystals and minerals: Hundreds of types in various forms from Agate to Zoisite
- Buddha statues and Oriental decoration in wood, bronze and stone
- Crystal skulls from the Himalayan region
- Authentic ritual objects from Tibet and Nepal
- Oriental decoration new and antique
- Buddhist objects and unique pieces from Tibet
- Tibetan small furniture and temple cabinets
- A very wide choice of incense
Our direct import from Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, India, Indonesia,...
without an intermediary guarantees razor-sharp prices and an unprecedented choice of oriental articles and garden sculptures.

�� Create an enchanting oriental atmosphere in your garden! ��

Discover the beautiful collection of oriental garden statues from Asian Import. Handcrafted by artisans from Asia, these statues bring a touch of tranquility and beauty to your outdoor space.

From elegant Buddha statues to majestic dragons and traditional pagodas, our selection is breathtaking. Each piece exudes craftsmanship and authenticity.

Whether you want to create a zen garden, furnish a meditative corner or simply beautify your garden, our oriental garden statues will perfectly suit your style and taste.

� Come and visit our showroom and discover the magic of oriental decoration. Our friendly team is ready to help you choose the perfect sculpture for your garden.

Turn your outdoor space into an oasis of tranquility and be inspired by the timeless beauty of Asia. Contact us today and discover the possibilities!

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